Incredible Concepts of Sweden AB

PR & Distribution for Indie Games

With 15 years in the games industry,

we can make a difference.


Making a game is just one piece of the puzzle. To be successful you also need PR and distribution of your game. Let us help you with all that!


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Innovation & Development

We invest in innovations and startups that solve problems and create values.


We have invested in Lifee, an activity tracker for kids based on gamification. Lifee motivates kids to be more physically active while having incredibly fun.



We are developing a virtual reality game launching for Gear VR in 2017. More info soon!

Talks &


We offer interesting and engaging talks with insights from the startup world.


Here are some of the talks we offer:

  • Blocksworld: From Idea To Exit
  • How We Raised $8 Million And Failed
  • 10 Things That Will Sell Your Indie Game
  • Working With Different Cultures


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