Atomas 303 is a Swedish psytrance producer active since the late 90s with releases on labels such as Ovnimoon Records, Spiral Trax, Timewarp Records, Classic Goa Trax and Back To Plastic. The sound is inspired by classic psytrance, goa and progressive elements – expect plenty of hard beats, juicy basses, psychedelic arpeggios and distorted 303s.   

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Atomas 303 – Trance & Science Remixes
(​​SPIT245 – Spiral Trax)

01 – Atomas 303 – Hadron Collider (Remix)
02 – Atomas 303 – Oobleck (Remix)
03 – Atomas 303 – Quantum Philosophy (Remix)
04 – Atomas 303 – The Irrational Number (Remix)

In 2020 Atomas 303 released the old school album Trance & Science on Timewarp Records. This is a remix album of the same tracks with a more updated intense sound, released on the label Spiral Trax.

Comments about ‘Hadron Collider (Remix)’
Cool energetic style!!
It features nice punch, massive basslines and will for sure blast the speakers, congrats!
Loved the sound desing of the bass line, the atmosphere is very catchy. You did a good job with the mix and mastering, it sounds clean, balanced, and punchy.
Top New Music Hits
Mix and master are on point. Psy bass drive is applied very good.
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“I must admit, this song grew on me after a few listens”
Yves Vrancken


Atomas 303 – Enlightenment
(ovniep449 – Ovnimoon Records)

01 – Atomas 303 – Enlightenment
02 – Atomas 303 – Meditation Bell
03 – Atomas 303 – The Foreground Of Our Consciousness
04 – Atomas 303 – Stay With Me
Ovnimoon Records is excited to present another smashin’ EP from ‘Atomas 303’ called ‘Enlightenment’! Enlightenment is a mix of modern psytrance and old school goa with plenty of funky 303’s. Produced by Atomas 303, a Swedish veteran active since the late 90s with releases on labels such as Ovnimoon Records, Timewarp Records, Classic Goa Trax, and Back To Plastic.
Comments about ‘Enlightenment’
“Very interesting production … loved the bassline”
EDM Reviewer
“I do like your out-of-the-box thinking and you incorporate elements from classic Trance and even some Techno influences”
Yves Vrancken
“Cool psy trance track with some interesting sound elements”
“The bass line is very catchy! I liked the vibes and the atmosphere is very interesting. The mix and mastering are at the point, it sounds clean and punchy”
Top New Music Hits
“The ideas are indeed very well done”


“Cool synth tones and textures”

Activation Vibration

“A really well produced track throughout. I really enjoyed the bass pluck in the first drop”

Bring The Drop

“A wonderful track! It totally belongs in a movie or a video game. Excellent mixing, very creative”

Yoga Beats

“Enjoyable production, clean editing, nice atmosphere, cool performance”

Greesha Music


Atomas 303, Left4Deaf – 2000 Kilometers To The Stars
(ovniep444 – Ovnimoon Records)

01 – Atomas 303, Left4Deaf – Transcontinental Breach
02 – Atomas 303, Left4Deaf – Mind Gaps
03 – Atomas 303, Left4Deaf – 2000 Kilometers To The Stars
Ovnimoon Records proudly presents an amazing EP! 2000 Kilometers to the Stars is a collaboration between the Swedish psytrance producer Atomas 303 and the French live techno artist Left4Deaf. The unique alliance enables a fresh blend of trance and acid house with an experimental and innovative sound.

Atomas 303 – Trance & Science
timewarp155 – Timewarp

01 – Atomas 303 – Hadron Collider
02 – Atomas 303 – Oobleck
03 – Atomas 303 – Quantum Philosophy
04 – Atomas 303 – The Irrational Number
Timewarp Records is proud to present an amazing EP from a well Known Athomas 303 called Trance & Science! Atomas 303 is a Swedish trance and ambient producer active since the late 90s. The EP ’Trance & Science’ is inspired by popular science and boosts a classic trance sound with an innovative sound landscape.

Atomas 303 – Oobleck (Inner Engineers Remix)
ovniep432 – Ovnimoon Records

01 – Atomas 303 – Oobleck (Inner Engineers Remix)
Ovnimoon Records is excited to present another blasting single from ‘Atomas 303’ project called ‘Oobleck ‘ remixed by ‘Inner Engineers’!

Produced and recorded 1999. Remastered and released 2020 on Classic Goa Trax, a sublabel to Suntrip Records.

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Another one that refound the vibe for old school music after his release on Classic Goa Trax! Atomas 303 who just released an EP on Timewarp Records, released this formerly unreleased acid-goa-trance beauty on his digital debut album called Cartesian Space!

– Classic Goa Trax

As far as the music goes, I’ve never heard of this Swedish project.  But I have to say this is a GEM!  If you love that silver little box and are a goa fan you have to get this.  Their style is not layer intensive, but one where they create acid lines and tweak the hell out of them.  Unlike a lot of acid trance that takes forever to get to its destination these tracks get to the point.  There is real evolution on the fly.  The first time I listened to this I had to do it again immediately.  That 303 is in almost every track and they aren’t shy with it.  The whole album is like that.  Sounds great and not a bad track in the bunch. Definitely a surprise and worth your time.

Review by Trance2MoveU

Do you like minimalistic 808/303 house? Then check out this new album. It contains five remastered tracks from a limited demo tape originally released in 1997 and re-released in 2020.

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